Permanent Makeup

Imagine your makeup looking stunning, all day and every day without any effort, waking up having perfect Eyeliner, super Lips and stunning Eyebrows, making you look good 24 hour a day.
Eyelove SPMU gives you the choice of perfect hairstroke eyebrows, stunning eyes and can give your lips the shape and colour that you always dreamed about. Permanent makeup is so diverse it can include both men and women and each client is uniquely treated, the makeup is designed and created just for them.
Whether your 18 or 88 we have the treatment that will not only simplify your makeup routine but also improve your cofidence, self esteem and looks. We aim to create a subtle change that will have your friends guessing your newest beauty secret!

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Sunday: 10am - 5pm
Monday: 10am - 2pm
Tuesday: 10am - 2pm
Wednesday: 10am - 2pm
Thursday: 10am - 8pm (Aldabella)
Friday: 10am - 8pm
Saturday: 10am - 2pm (Aldabella)
Eyelove SPMU is based in Wimbledon park, South West London. We also run a Permanent makeup Clinic at Aldabella Holistic Salon in Epsom Surrey.
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